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Schedule your STD test at one of our 22 local STD testing centers. Same day STD Testing is available.

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STD Test results within 24-48 hours.

How long does it take to get my STD test results?

The time it can take for your STD results can vary based on the type of test ordered, testing method, time the specimen is collected, tests ordered and where you get tested.  Most STD test results are typically returned to someone (not necessarily you) within 24-72 hours.

The most common testing methods in St. Louis include a physician’s office, online testing service, health department or STD clinics.  There are several benefits and drawbacks to each testing method. How long does it take to get my STD test results? If you choose to go to your physician’s office, you typically do not have the ability to get tested confidentially, especially if you file an insurance claim.  You might also have some fears about the physician’s staff discussing why you are at the office getting tested for STD’s.  Clearly, this is an issue if your spouse or children also use the same physician.  In addition, it can sometimes take over a week to get your results back.  A physician has hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of patients.  Your lab results must be reviewed by the physician prior to the staff calling you with your results.  Result can take up to 2 weeks.

If you choose to work with an online testing service, you can get tested confidentially.  You will speak with a counselor that has been trained to discuss sexually transmitted infections.  The STD counselors are non-judgmental and will be the only person you discuss your situation with.  STD online testing services typically only test for STD’s.  Results typically take about 72 hours.  The drawback to working with an online service is that it is an out of pocket expense and most do not file insurance claims due to confidentiality with their clients.

If you choose to go to a Health Department or Clinic you should be prepared to arrive early and wait in line.  Most Health Department or clinic STD testing is free or offered at a nominal price, but there is little confidentiality when you are standing at the “STD CLINIC”.  Most people will know why you are there.  Many Health Department or Clinic results can take up to 4 weeks.

It is vital that you receive your test results as soon as possible.  The earlier you identify the STD, the sooner you can begin treatment and notification to your partners to ensure they get tested as well.

One other component that impacts the speed in which your test results are returned is the type of test being ordered.  Some tests are so specific that they have an initial test and a confirmatory test.  A confirmatory test is a test that confirms the original test or analysis.  Therefore, for some infections, your specimens are actually being tested twice.

Regardless of where you get tested, just get tested St. Louis.

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